SOGO develops and industrializes the blend internally, meeting the needs of customers in all three key sectors: Automotive, Railway and Other Industries.

The production plants are equipped with technologies and tools that allow the production of compounds with excellent quality standards. This is thanks to a large fleet of compounds developed over the years, to a highly respected historical background, to the consolidated experience of a technological department in which the expertise of the technicians has strengthened by giving solid foundations to the current highly skilled team.
Even close collaboration with suppliers plays a fundamental part: in fact, the company not only uses all the main raw materials for the production of rubber, but can also find the most disparate subjects thanks to excellent relationships with suppliers, which go far beyond a simple commercial contact.


The company is therefore always up-to-date and at the forefront of the sector’s innovations: new polymers, new products, new developments. The relationship with customers is based on collaboration, interchange, sharing and mutual enrichment. All this leads to constant technical growth:

  • laboratories for the packaging of compounds, testing and analysis of unknown rubber samples to determine the composition
  • production departments, open to visits and details
  • of the technical department, to evaluate the characteristics of the compounds, propose any improvements, provide suggestions on the application