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SOGO SpA is launching an innovative product for PADEL courts: “SOGO 4-PADEL”.

We have developed and started the first official supplies of an anti-vibration mat for PADEL fields, for both indoor and outdoor use.

The “SOGO 4-Padel” mat can be employed as a protection and it can be placed between the ground and the pavement of the field.

SOGO’s experience for more than 50 years in the planning of compounds and in the production of technical rubber items, guarantees to these products a life cycle of over 20 years and very high performance as insulator and protection which is able to ensure a longer life cycle of the field layer.

The picture shows the application of the “SOGO 4-Padel” products for indoor use, utilized inside the Sports Center “COLLEFERRO PADEL ASD” in Colleferro (RM) to protect the existing parquet.

The “SOGO 4-Padel Indoor” mat makes it possible to remove the padel court without altering the existing pavement in any way.

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